Resiliency - Guided Meditation

Resiliency - Guided Meditation

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This powerful guided meditation session will help you cultivate resourcefulness so you can handle whatever life throws your way and thrive each day. The more you listen, the more you'll strengthen the helpful attitudes, visuals and feelings within yourself so you can use them to your advantage whenever you may need them.

The Alpha Waves version includes brain entrainment background music resembling the sound of ocean waves on the beach. The Theta Tones version includes brain entrainment background music resembling the sound of rain. Brain entrainment music allows your mind to automatically enter into a more relaxed and focused state that promotes more brainwave coherence, especially when you listen with headphones.

A bit of background on this special session...In the work Kristin has done as a hypnotherapist serving 3,000+ clients over the past decade, she began to notice that if a person was suffering from fear, anger, grief, guilt, shame, or jealousy, and she connected them to one or more of five particular resourceful feelings, it usually provided the antidote to their suffering.  It eliminated the negative thoughts, feelings or behaviors that client came in to see her for.

Once she recognized this pattern, she started specifically meditating on these five resourceful feelings every day to “build them up” within herself, like exercising a muscle. Without a doubt, these five resourceful feelings empower a person to be more resilient and enjoy life as much as possible.

The five resourceful feelings defined and encouraged throughout the Resiliency Meditation include:

➢ Security

➢ Serenity

➢ Love

➢ Gratitude

➢ Empowerment

    Time: 25 minutes